Our Vision

- To be one of the leading places that offers in-depth international shipping professional training courses for recruitment in the Region.- To help employers hire the staff who possess the practical skills that enable them to work in an accurate and reliable manner.-To Provide the trainees with the best training courses through relying on expert trainers who possess international reputation to share their expertise with young trainees in a simple practical manner.

Our Mission

Providing total solutions for international shipping services (Shipping Pro).Sharing our expertise in international shipping and freight forwarding through practical training programs either online or in-class provided by The Freighters Institute.


Who We Are

About Mother Company (Global Access Ltd.)

Global Access Ltd (GLB) for Shipping and Technology Services is an established company in Cairo –Egypt since October 2015 with an extensive portfolio of international shipping services consistently recognized by major organizations worldwide for its services, functionality, professionalism and delivery. The focus of our team in our various projects is always the need of our customers, to make sure we do the best and most appropriate work we can do within the constraints of the projects. We ensure also that our customer’s budget and deadlines are always met. It is our guiding approach for a successful client work relies on the building of mutual respect and trust through a highly collaboration process.

Who We Are

About The Freighters®

The Freighters® is a professional development training institute established by GLB in October 2019. Working with a group of qualified instructors with the aim to unlock the energies of young early career personnel who wish to pursue a successful career in shipping, logistics and freight forwarding fields and enabling them to get the practical knowledge and work efficiently. The Freighters is modelled around its slogan “Master Your Career” with the aim to invest in the human capital enabling not only business owners to hire skilled and motivated staff who possess the needed knowledge to progress their business but also uplifting the living standards of those early career personnel to get a job in a highly skills demanding market.

Meet Our Team

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Dr. Amr El-Samadony

Dr. Amr El-Samadony

CEO at Phoenix Freight Services L.L.C | EIFFLA General Secretary | (PCT) International Shipping Trainer
Dr. Muhamed

Dr. Muhammed Wuheba

General Manager | Shipping Consultant | (PCT) International Shipping Trainer
Belal Eissa

Belal Eissa

Executive Director of BM Logistics | Lecturer of customs clearance at Global Access Ltd.
Dr. Eman Rashad

Dr. Eman Rashad

Operations Supervisor at Unicorn International | Lecturer of Sea-Freight Import at Global Access Ltd.